A little about me

On every project you will be working with the creator of Ty Dev Studios.

That's me, Tyler.

Who am I and what do I do?

I am a web developer and entrepreneur. I own TVH Computers in Brodheadsville, a small computer repair shop I opened in 2014. Besides working with technology from a young age, I have always been enthusiastic about creating businesses and making new ideas become reality.

I like to create and build new things

"You don’t need an MBA, a certificate, a fancy suit, a briefcase, or an above-average tolerance for risk. You just need an idea, a touch of confidence, and a push to get started." - Jason Fried, ReWork.

I know small business inside and out

I have worked with small business clients for years, maintaining and setting up computer systems and providing technical support, and have seen from both sides just what separates the successful small business owner from the others.

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